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Entry #10

NG Chat: A Choose-Your-Own Adventure!

2016-05-06 09:41:28 by Krash17

So there I was.

Cruising the BBS.  When suddenly...

NG chat returned after a very long hiatus.

It was totally unexpected and I was kind of stoked.  I remember vaguely going and using the NG chat as a kid.  I jumped in, ready to interact with my fellow man.  What good times we would have!  What discussions!  This'll be great, right?!

Nope.  It's all memes and shitposting, people being crappy to each other, talking about masturbating and hentai.  In short: It's the internet, folks.  It stinks of desperation and jizz towels.  I still don't understand why folks act this way and probably never will.  Anonymity is the death of discussion.

BUT!  You know, there was probably a time when I was younger that I was much the same way.  I was an ugly kid in a tiny town, so fuck everyone, right?  Maybe someone else is going through this same struggle.  Probably closer to the sad truth than I'd like to imagine.

Anyway, I've said it before and I'll say it again:  NG allows you to be yourself, for better or for worse, whether I or anyone else likes it or not.  It positively reeks of freedom.  I don't have to interact with anyone, and I don't have to go to the chat, or the forums.  I don't have to go to Newgrounds at all, but I do it anyway.

That's the adventure we all choose, shitposts be damned.



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2016-05-28 20:00:17

Well said, my friend! I remember dabbling in the chat back in the day as well. Not really my cup of tea, tbh...